Terms and Conditions of Service

The following terms and conditions are subject to the terms and rules of use of the booking service managed by transfer TAXI SERVICE LTD on this website,by email or by phone, as well as the rules on reservations completed through this service. By accessing our website, using it and/or making areservation, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions below(includind the Privacy Information Sheet).

Service provided

The direct booking system, made available on this website from TAXI SERVICE LTD, provides customers with the opportunity to check availability, driversand rates on a specific route and make a reservation with instant confirmation.


a. Through its website, TAXI SERVICE LTD acts as an intermediary for the management of individual transfers or group transfers. The responsibility forthe provision of the services are the customer and the service provider. The responsibilities of TAXI SERVICE LTD under this Agreement are therefore limitedas a third-party broker between the customer and the supplier.

b. The descriptions, pictures and profiles of the vehicles are provided by the supplier companies, which are also responsible for updating theavailability of resources and the prices, including all the side costs. The companies are obliged to comply with all conditions set in the bookingconfirmation. For logistical operation reasons, the company can change vehicle, providing a vehicle with equal or greater quality standards respect tothe vehicle chosen by the customer during the booking process, and belonging to the same company fleet.

c. Neither TAXI SERVICE LTD nor the supplier can be held responsible for delays due to acts of God or other circumstances beyond their control, including but not limited totraffic accidents suffered by third parties on the transfer route, police checkpoints, acts of terrorism or vandalism, extreme weather conditions,unusual levels of traffic, strikes, or delays in airports. The route to or from your destination or the duration of the journey cannot be guaranteedand the route map drawn by Google Maps on our website is for informational purposes only. We show travel times as precisely as possible, but they cannot be guaranteed.


Reservations will be valid only if payment is received within 48 hours through one of the following payment systems:

Credit/Debit Card through Paypal (https://www.paypal.com) without any additional commission or though Stripe Service(https://stripe.com)

Paypal with your account, at the following address pay@bravodriver.com

Bank Transfer to the following account:
Bank: Wise Europe SA
IBAN: BE63 9670 5218 0508

Customer can contact customer service in case of needing more time to complete the payment.

Delays and/or schedule time changes

It will be necessary to give timely notice to the driver for late or anticipated arrivals. In the event that the customer does not show up orfails to disclose the delay within the maximum waiting time of the driver, the provider will be free from any commitment to the customer andthe reservation will be cancelled.

By "maximum waiting time of the driver", we mean the lapse of time that the driver wait for the customer to show up in the case he did not receiveany notification or modification.

For transfers whose pick up point is from stations, ports, or airports, the maximum waiting time is 60 minutes; for all other departures (privateaddress, apartments, hotels, etc.) the maximum waiting time is 15 minutes.

Changes or cancellations

Any alteration of customer details(especially the full name and mobile phone number used on the trip) or of booking details (date, time, etc) mustbe promptly communicated to Bravodriver.com via email to info@bravodriver.com. or by phone by calling (+44) 20 35294346.
The Customer is responsible for any increase in the cost of the serviceresulting from the requested amendment. Changes are subject to availability and supplier's acceptance. If the driver or company do not accept the change,the original booking will be cancelled and a new reservation will be created. In the case of cancellation by the Customer, any refund will followcancellation policies specific to each operator. Such policies are clearly visible during the booking process.

Your Responsability

The act of entering into this contract indicates implicitly that customers declare that:

  • they are of legal age and in full use of their mental faculties enabling them to comply with all legal responsibilities regarding this agreement.
  • credit cards or debit cards used belong to them and that there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of the service.
  • they understand that they must promptly notify TAXI SERVICE LTD about any variation or modification of details they have provided.
  • the services to be provided are in accordance with the instructions received in the confirmation e-mail. It is the customer's responsibility to verifythe accuracy of all data received in the confirmation email. If the confirmation details were incorrect the customer must notify TAXI SERVICE LTD immediatelyin order to correct them. TAXI SERVICE LTD is not responsible for any inconvenience which arises from such circumstances.
  • in the event that the customer is not able to locate the driver upon arrival, it is the customer's responsibility to contact the telephone number ofthe operator, which is on the booking confirmation.
  • for direct transfers to airports, ports or stations, the customer is responsible for the chosen departure time of the transfer, and must make surethat the departure time of the transfer leaves them with sufficient time for the requirements of their onward journey (in the case of airports two hours before the flight).
  • the client can request child/infant restraining systems in the case of traveling with children.
    We do not charge any additional cost for restraining systems.
    The provision of child/infant restraining systems is subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.
    In case child/infant restraining systems are not provided, no refund is due.
  • the customer assumes responsibility for every extra charge generated by the presence of extra baggage, the established baggage allowance is of one large suitcase and one item of handluggage per adult, and one item of hand luggage for each child under 12 years. If you have not previously communicated the presence of extra baggage, and it isnot possible to ensure the transfer with the booked vehicle, it will be the full responsibility of the customer to arrange a solution, losing the right toany claim.

Right of Admittance

The service provider reserves the right to refuse to carry any passenger(s) who may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or any passenger(s) whose behavioris judged, by the driver, to be dangerous for the driver of the vehicle or other passengers.
It is forbidden to smoke, drink alcohol inside the vehicle; and/or use the vehicle to transport drugs.

Contact Procedures

By making a booking you consent to receive a summary email, and to be contacted by email or phone to arrange the details of the reservation.Moreover, after having used the service you will receive a review form by email.


Opinions are provided solely by passengers who have booked through this page. They will appear on companies' and drivers' profiles. Besides the review text, onlythe first name (no last name), as provided by the customer, and passenger's country will be displayed.