A beautiful and welcoming place

Italy has countless places of breathtaking beauty to discover and explore. Places of relevant interest for its landscape, nature, histoy, and cities rich in monuments and architecture of inestimable historical and artistic value.
From North to South you can also appreciate good food and a strong attachment to local traditions and for this reason Italy has always been a top tourist destination.
Rome, Milan and Florence are only few examples of cities that have important roles, including world-wide, in regard to events, fairs and congresses, and are among the most frequented metropolises by tourists throughout the year.
The South, the cradle of civilization, is certainly the greatest attraction during the summer season.
Beyond the unspeakable natural beauty, Italy is home to a cultural and artistic patrimony, in fact, several places included in UNESCO World Heritage Site.
To find out about the beautiful countryside, simply visit the official website of the National Tourism Agency
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Getting to Italy

All Italian airports are very well connected with European capitals and many of these routes are served by lowcost airlines. It is the best solution to quickly reach the South of Italy. We suggest you to check the offers made by the following air companies Alitalia, Ryanair, Easyjet, Vueling, Volotea.
One of the best flight search web page is SkyScanner.

Moving in Italy

Visiting a city

If you are visiting a big city, you can use public transport, which is very well developed. All major cities have a many lines of buses and subways that are surely cheapest than a taxi service.

Between big cities

Connection between biggest cities are guaranteed by a wide motorway and rail network. Besides, there are many airlines that connect all the cities from north to south.

By train

Especially between the northers and the central regions, you can easily move with the high-speed trains like Freccia Rossa or Italo. Usually, it is certainly the cheapest and fastest solution instead plane or car because the stations are located just int he city centers. For example, by train from Milan, you can reach: Rome in 3 hours with about € 100; Naples in 4 hours with about € 100; Florence in 1 hour and a half with about € 60; Bologna in 1 hour with about € 50. By train from Florence, you can reach: Pisa in 45 minutes with € 20; Rome in 1 and a half with € 45; Napoli in less than 3 hours with € 75. By train from Rome, you can reach Naples in 1 hour and 45 minutes and the ticket costs about € 50.

By plane

If you decide to move by plane instead, in addition to the simple flight time, you have to consider the time to get to the airport (which is often far from the city center), checking in, security controls and boarding. For example, by plane from Milan, you can reach: the airport of Rome in just one hour at a cost that can range from € 100 to € 200; Naples airport in little more than an hour and a quarter with a cost that can range from € 125 to € 300. From Rome airport, you can get to Naples in 1 hour with an average ticket cost of € 150 and Florence airport in less than an hour with an average cost of € 200.

By car

Car is the best solution if you travel in group or with your family. You should consider the costs of motorway tolls and, once you reach the city, pay close attention to restricted traffic areas (ZTL) and paid parking (blue strips). For example, from downtown Milan you can reach the center of Rome in 6 hours at a cost of about € 100; Naples in 7 and a half hours with about € 120; Florence in 4 hours with about € 70; Bologna in 2 and a half hours at a cost of around € 35. From Florence city centre you will reach the center of Pisa in 1 hour and a half with about € 15. Rome in 3 hours and a half with about € 45. Napoli in 5 hours with about € 85. From Naples, you reach Rome in just 2 and a half hours with an average cost of about € 40. Calculations are based on the consumption of a citycar and are inclusive of motorway toll.

Other options

If you want to reach smaller touristic destination or cities, there are often trains or bus companies that offer connections. Whether you arrive at the airport at uncomfortable timetables to use public services or you are traveling with family or in groups, the best solutions is renting a car or book a private transfer service. The fastest way is the private transfer service, because you will be picked up and left where you want. Booking in advance you will find the driver waiting for you on your arrival. Often, according to the times, the ideal solution is to walk, ride a bicycle or rent a scooter. You can use services such as to book in advance not only the bike, but also scouters, skis, snowboards and many types of sports equipment.

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