San Pellegrino Terme

Famous and renowned tourist resort for the care and well-being, San Pellegrino Terme is located about 20 km from the historic center of Bergamo among the beautiful landscapes of the Brembana Valley. Immersed in the Orobie Alps and the numerous water springs, which flow copiously at a constant temperature of 26 degrees, the community of San Pellegrino Terme has enhanced the precious liquid for the construction of impressive and elegant thermal and wellness facilities. In fact, since the nineteenth century, thanks to the exploitation of the "clear and gentle waters" near the town is built the largest complex in Italian "liberty" style: the Terme di San Pellegrino. The spa center fully reflects the stylistic standards and splendours of the Parisian "belle époque": impressive stairways, red carpets, chandeliers and precious marbles and large colored windows are just some of the architectural details found in the "liberty" structures and buildings. The spa of San Pellegrino soon became a meeting place for the aristocracy of the time, which crowded the rooms of the spa to enjoy the benefits produced by the waters and the "miraculous" climate of San Pellegrino.

After the famous spa, the Casino was built on the banks of the river Brembo, and the famous Grand Hotel, which hosted nobles and wealthy from all over Europe. Following the first world war and the consequent decline in visitors, the ancient glories of the city and the spa began to slowly fade. Only recently, since the 2000s, has begun an impressive redevelopment project of the area that has brought new life to the historic spa, which was inaugurated and opened to the public in 2014. The "new" baths of San Pellegrino, completely renovated and renovated, today occupy an area of about 6000 square meters and aim to bring back the ancient riches of the past. San Pellegrino is in fact a place of excellence for the care and well-being of the person: among the halls of the center it is possible to enjoy a varied and relaxing "beneficial" path that includes a thermal path, massages and beauty treatments.

The San Pellegrino Casino, designed in 1904 by the architect Romolo Squadrelli, is a true work of celebrating the refined Italian Art Nouveau style. The imposing façade and the high towers above it are in fact the clear sign of the Parisian "belle epoque", from which the building takes great inspiration. Inside the Casino, the large eight-column red marble atrium with the majestic skylight surrounded by polychrome frescoes captivate and dazzle the visitor from every corner of the building.

Finally, the Grand Hotel has composed the liberty style "triptych" of San Pellegrino Terme. Imposing building built in 1905, the Grand Hotel has hosted for decades the most illustrious faces of politics and history between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries as the queens Margherita and Elena of Savoy, the prince Umberto and the princess Maria, but also illustrious men like Eugenio Montale and Salvatore Quasimodo.

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