Roman and Longobard city, but also medieval and modern. It is the town of Brescia, a historic Renaissance fortress and one of the most varied places in the entire Lombardy region. Moving through the streets of the city will in fact be possible to admire monumental plazas of different eras, commercial and aristocratic areas (Piazzale Arnaldo), but also melting pot (San Faustino) and places of industrial expansion. The city of Brescia offers the tourist numerous artistic and historical alternatives such as the visit to the Castle, located on the Cidneo Hill; the Museum Complex of Santa Giulia and then you can not miss a tour through the main squares of the city. Among the most famous and populated Piazza della Loggia, where the Town Hall is located; Piazza Duomo (dedicated to Paul VI), a true concentration of historic buildings such as the Duomo, the Civic Tower and the Loggia delle Grida; Piazza della Vittoria, dominated on one side by the Palazzo delle Poste and on the other by the Torre della Vittoria and Piazza del Mercato, which in the past was the trading place for linen merchants. There are also numerous historical and religious places in the city. Among the main ones, the Church of the Santissimo Corpo di Cristo, near the Castle; the Church of San Francesco d'Assisi, a Romanesque-Gothic building that preserves a splendid internal cloister and the Church of Saints Faustino and Giovita, the building dedicated to the patrons of the city of Brescia.

Piazza Duomo - Brescia

Piazza Duomo - Brescia (Source: Andrew Nash - CC BY SA 2.0)

How to reach Brescia

The city of Brescia is well connected to the main national and international locations through three nearby airports: "Orio al Serio", in the province of Bergamo (about 50 km); "Valerio Catullo", in the province of Verona (about 60 km) and "Linate", in the province of Milan (about 100 km). Also provided efficient connections by train or bus. Reaching the center of Brescia is in fact easy for travelers coming from Italy or the main European locations.

By plane

The city of Brescia is easily reachable by air both with flag carriers and low cost. To reach the city of Brescia from the "Orio al Serio" stop you can use the "Autostradale" bus service, which provides quick connections between the airport and the city of Brescia. From the "Valerio Catullo" airport of Verona to reach the city of Brescia is instead recommended the "Aerobus" service of the ATV company, which connects the airport with the Verona station. From the Verona train station, there are direct connections to the city of Brescia. Instead from "Linate" to reach the town of Brescia is recommended the transport service offered by the company "Starfly" that connects the airport and the central train station. From the central station of Milan there are numerous train connections both with regional routes and with high-speed trains for the city of Brescia.

On the train

The Brescia railway station (in Viale della Stazione) is located in a strategic position. It is in fact a short distance from the Milan station (travel time about 60 minutes), from the Verona station (about 45 minutes) and from the Venice station (about 80 minutes). Scheduled high-speed sections with trains operated by Trenitalia (Frecciarossa and Frecciargento). For more information, consult the website .

By bus

The city of Brescia is well connected with the Lombard provinces and with many neighboring cities. To reach the city of Brescia by bus, it is possible to use the transport service offered by private companies of extra-urban buses. Most of the buses that operate in the area leave and arrive from the bus station of Brescia, which is located in via Solferino (adjacent to the railway station). From the bus station the company Terminal SAIA and Terminal SIA offer connections to all the localities of the province and beyond.

By car

If you plan to spend a few days in the beautiful town of Brescia, the car is probably not the best choice. Much of the historical center of the city is in fact forbidden to cars.

By bike

The bicycle is a good means of transport to move freely within the historic center of Brescia, closed to car traffic. An efficient bike sharing service provided by the Bicimia company managed by Brescia Mobilità .