City of Bellagio

Considered by many as "the pearl of the Lario" the small village of Bellagio, in the province of Como, rises about 22 km from the province of Lecco in the part where the two main branches meet (the Lecco and Como sides), forming an extraordinary natural landscape. The town of Bellagio, which has about 4 thousand inhabitants, is one of the centers of the so-called Lariano Triangle. In fact, from the Bellagio plateau you can admire the two sides of the lake, which form a real triangle dug into the hilly territory. Bellagio is easily reachable from the town of Como through the ASF public service bus or from the city of Lecco passing through the beautiful village of Valmadrera. The town of Bellagio, on the shores of Lake Como, will offer visitors historical and natural places of extraordinary beauty. In particular, the center of the village (piazza Mazzini), preserves intact the ancient medieval structure but enriched by the picturesque staircase of Salita Mella, where you can admire the majestic Basilica of San Giacomo: built around the twelfth century in Romanesque style right in the middle of city, the building was for centuries the spiritual heart of the community before the advent of the great renovation, which returned the structure to its original medieval architecture. But the city of Bellagio is famous for its impressive public gardens and botanical wonders in the famous Villa Melzi and Villa Serbelloni: a luxurious aristocratic residence that is now home to the city's Grand Hotel. Villa Melzi, however, immediately strikes the visitor for the beautiful English gardens that embellish it and surround it on all sides. Built in the neoclassical style in the early decades of the nineteenth century, the Villa was the place of residence of many artists and writers of Europe, such as the famous author Stendhal, who praised the beauty not failing to underline the extraordinary plant biodiversity present in the garden botanist of the Villa.


Bellagio (Source: Deensel - CC BY 2.0)

How to reach Bellagio

The small town of Bellagio is well connected to the main neighboring towns and is easily reachable from the nearby airports of Milan Malpensa, Milan Linate and Orio al Serio (Bergamo). The three airports are in fact about 90 minutes by car from the center of Bellagio, but the heavy traffic in the streets bordering Lake Como, especially on Sundays and holidays, could extend the journey by more than 60 minutes.

On the train

The town of Bellagio does not have a city train station. To reach the center of Bellagio by train, the nearby Varenna Esino train station is recommended, with direct connections to the Milano Centrale railway stations (about 70 minutes); Lecco (about 40 minutes); Sondrio (about 60 minutes) and Tirano, in the Valtellina area (about 90 minutes). Most of the train connections with the Varenna station are managed by the Trenord company: for more information, consult the company website.

By bus

The center of Bellagio is well connected to the cities of Lecco and Como through buses run by public and private companies in the area. From the center of Como, the bus connection of the ASF suburban line to Bellagio (about 50 minutes) is recommended. From Lecco, however, to reach the center of Bellagio is scheduled to connect with the company lines Lecco.

By car

To reach the town of Bellagio by car from the center of Milan, take the A9 motorway, direction Como-Chiasso, exit at Como Sud. Continue to the center of Como passing the road that runs along the lake for about 35 km, until to reach the indication for Bellagio. Alternatively, from Sondrio and Lecco it is possible to use the highway that connects the Lombard cities with the town of Como and then continue along the lake road that leads to Bellagio.

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