Classic town between the banks of the river and the Alpine mountains, the municipality of Crema, about 45 km from the center of Milan, is a classic example of cities with a thousand faces: from monumental churches to noble palaces, passing through the historic center where it is possible immerse yourself in the ancient and modern history of the city between theaters, museums and natural gardens of extraordinary beauty. Founded by the Lombards around the year 1000 BC, the city of Crema was for decades a center of enormous geopolitical importance which still retains traces and testimonies. Among the most important and best preserved works worth visiting the splendid Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta with the imposing Torrazzo incorporated in today's Palazzo Comunale. But also the Church of the Trinity, with its double polychrome façade; the San Domenico Theater, an imposing Renaissance structure that once housed the Dominican monastery but also the city's famous civic museum, which preserves intact archaeological finds and contemporary works from all over the world.

How to reach Crema

The town of Crema is easily reachable by car from the capital of Milan or from the nearby city of Cremona on the SS 451 state road (about 60 minutes). From Lodi, however, it is necessary to take the provincial road SP 235 up to the exit for Crema-Centro (about 30 km). But the safest and most comfortable way to reach the center of Crema is the rental service with driver (NCC) offered by, which will allow you to comfortably reach your destination by car with professionals drivers and vehicles suitable to meet all needs .

On the train

The municipality of Crema has a city train station. Rapid train connections are provided from Crema station to the Milan-Porta Garibaldi stop. At least one race is required every 60 minutes with estimated travel time in about 65 minutes. Possibility to reach the town of Crema also from the station of Cremona in about 45 minutes. Most of the train connections with the Crema station are managed by the Trenord and Trenitalia companies: for more information, consult the company websites.