Among the most evocative villages on the shores of Lake Como you can not miss the beautiful town of Varenna, in the eastern part of the Lake. Set on a promontory that rises on Lake, the town of Varenna is located right in front of the "pearl" del Lago "Bellagio, with which in addition to being well connected by a dense network of boats has been contested for decades the supremacy of the most beautiful village in the area of Lario. Built on a promontory that has also allowed the construction of an imposing medieval fortress (Castello di Vezio), the village of Varenna has soon become one of the main tourist centers of the area thanks to the presence of historical works and artistic and natural heritage appreciated by visitors from all over the world. Among these is the Villa Monastero, a historic aristocratic dwelling that preserves particular botanical species inside the Casa Museo: a place of representation named after the Nobel laureate Enrico Fermi, who has held some physics lessons in these rooms. In addition, a visit to the Villa Cipressi Gardens, a complex of historic buildings surrounded by a splendid English park, is not to be missed. And finally you can not miss a passage in the Source of Fiumelatte, a path that leads to a tributary of Lake Como that in some months of the year appears "white as a stream of milk".


Varenna (Source: Ray in Manila - CC BY 2.0)

How to reach Varenna

The small town of Varenna is easily accessible from the main cities of the region and from the nearby airports of Milan Malpensa, Milan Linate and Orio al Serio (Bergamo). All three airports are located approximately 90 minutes by car from the city center but the heavy traffic in the streets bordering Lake Como could lengthen the journey by more than two hours.


The Varenna Esino railway station, not far from the city center, provides direct connections to the Milano Centrale railway stations (about 60 minutes); Lecco (about 40 minutes); Sondrio (about 60 minutes) and Tirano, in the Valtellina area (about 90 minutes). Most of the train connections with the Varenna Esino station are managed by the Trenord company: for more information, consult the company website.


The center of Varenna is well connected with the cities of Lecco (about 30 km) and Como (about 50 km), through buses run by public and private companies present in the territory. From the center of Como the bus connection of the suburban ASF line for Maneggio is recommended. From Lecco, however, to reach the center of Varenna is scheduled connection with the company lines Lecco.