City of Desio

The neuralgic heart of the Brianza area of Monza, the municipality of Desio is famous for its enchanting landscapes and the prestigious fabrics that are made in these territories by the numerous industries in the manufacturing sector. Today it is a true industrial center in Lombardy but once the city was the residence of the Lombard aristocracy of which it preserves its ancient and glorious testimonies intact. The splendid residential villas built in the Desio area are worth a visit. The most beautiful is Villa Cusani Tittoni Traversi, in neoclassical style, which is appreciated inside, but above all outside the building and in which it strikes the imposing three-level facade and the majestic and luxuriant monumental park.

How to reach Vimercate

The city of Desio is well connected with the main towns of the province and can be easily reached by car from the town of Monza. To reach Desio from Monza it is necessary to take the national road 36, up to the indications for the city center.


From Milan it is possible to reach Desio with the Green Metro (MM2) up to the Cologno Monzese terminus. Then continue with bus line Z to the city center.