City of Vigevano

A historic city located in the center of Lomellina (territory between Lombardy and Switzerland), the town of Vigevano amazes the visitor with the elegance and care of the municipal buildings and furnishings, strictly in the Renaissance style. Located a short distance from the capital of Pavia (about 40 km), the Lombard city has always been the center of commercial and cultural traffic, which also attracted the main aristocratic dynasties such as the Visconti and, subsequently, the Sforza: in Vigevano has seen in fact the birthplace Ludovico Sforza known as il Moro, the duke of Milan. And during the Sforza dynasty the city reached its maximum splendor: from a small agglomerate peasant, the city of Vigevano soon became an elegant center of court residence. During the Sforza duchy, some of the city's main buildings were built, such as the splendid Piazza Ducale (one of the most beautiful in Italy), commissioned by Ludovico as an access area to the royal family castle. Do not miss a visit to the Cathedral of Sant'Ambrogio, built starting in 1532 and which houses valuable paintings by Cesare Magni and Bernardino Ferrari and, finally, the Torre del Bramante, which towers over the castle. over 55 meters on the elegant Piazza Ducale.

How to reach Vigevano


The city of Vigevano is well connected with the main towns of the province and is easily reachable by car from the municipalities of Milan and Pavia through the state roads. For those coming from Pavia, it is necessary to cover a short section of the SS 35 ("Dei Giovi") up to the exit with the Tangenziale Ovest. Continue on the SS 596 until the junction of Garlasco. Then continue on the SP 206. From Milan, you should instead continue along the SS 494.


From the cities of Milan and Pavia it is possible to reach the center of Vigevano with the Stav company buses, which depart and arrive from the via Sacchetti stop. The journey time to reach both cities from the town of Vigevano is about 60 minutes.


The city of Vigevano does not have a city train station. Therefore, there are no direct connections with the main Lombard locations of Milan and Pavia. The nearest station is Mortara (about 70 minutes from Vigevano), which provides connections to Pavia and Milan San Cristoforo.