Province of Caltanissetta

Located in the heart of Sicily, surrounded by thick woods and hilly landscapes, the province of Caltanissetta extends in the southern part of the island up to the Channel of Sicily. The nisseno territory is in fact among the largest in Sicily and alternates hilly-mountainous landscapes such as those found in the municipalities of Villalba and Mussomeli, sometimes coastal and maritime as in the municipality of Gela and Butera. The province of Caltanissetta borders in the northern part with the territory of the province of Palermo, to the east with the province of Enna, Catania and Ragusa. To the west, however, the Nisseno territory borders with the province of Agrigento. The province includes a total of 22 municipalities among which stand out the city of Gela, among the most flourishing cities of the Greek domination in Sicily and which directly overlooks the wide gulf, the town of Butera, where stands the beautiful beach of "Falconara", from the name of the medieval castle that stands on top of the rocky promontory overlooking the sea. For lovers of ancient history, also recommended a "tour of the castles": visit the fortresses of Butera, Mussomeli and the castle of Delia.

How to get there and move around in the province of Caltanissetta


The province of Caltanissetta is not served by its own airport. To reach the Nisseno territory it is therefore necessary to land, either at the Falcone e Borsellino International Airport of Palermo-Punta Raisi (about 150 km) or at the Catania-based "Vincenzo Bellini" Catania Fontanarossa (about 110 km). Both airports are connected with national and international routes to major Italian and European cities such as London, Paris and Brussels. From the airport of Palermo and Catania it takes about 2 hours by car to reach the towns of the province of Caltanissetta.

Roads and motorways

The province of Caltanissetta for the particular position in which it is located and for the vastness of its territory, which includes hilly and maritime landscapes, is not directly crossed by major highway sections. To reach the territory of Caltanissetta from the province of Palermo and Catania it is necessary to take the A19 (without toll), exit at Caltanissetta and then proceed along the state road to the desired destination.

Trains and stations

The territory of Caltanissetta is directly connected to the train stations of Palermo, Catania and Agrigento. From the central station of Caltanissetta, located in the historic city center (Piazza Roma), it is also possible to reach some places in the province such as the city of Gela and Villalba. For information and reservations, please consult the Trenitalia website.

Cities and places of greatest interest in the province of Caltanissetta

Beyond the town of Caltanissetta, which extends in the upper portion of the territory of the homonymous province and which dominates the entire Valle del Salso, on the slopes of Mount San Giuliano, the city of Gela deserves a visit, among the very first and most important protagonists of the Greek adventure in Sicily (founded in 689 BC); but also the city of Mussomeli, where stands the Manfredonico (or Mussomeli) castle, a finely restored complex that preserves intact the glorious memory of the past. Also worth visiting is the small medieval village of Villalba, where the famous "lentil" is grown with a large seed: among the agro-food excellences of the Sicilian territory.

Beauties of the province of Caltanissetta: The city of Gela

Overlooking the splendid Sicilian gulf, the city of Gela and its commercial port have always represented a natural landing place for sailors and travelers of all ages. With the arrival of the Greeks in Sicily, the city of Gela became one of the main centers of the maritime trade of the island and the polis extended and included the present provinces of Enna and Agrigento. In fact, the city of Gela, in fact, has given life among the other colonies, to Akgragas, today's Agrigento, and has been protagonist throughout history to conquer the powerful Syracuse. Subsequently, in Roman times, the city began a slow decline culminating with the arrival of the Arabs in Sicily who slowly abandon the ancient "city of the columns". Today, the city of Gela is recovering and offers visitors many attractions, especially dedicated to lovers of history. In fact, the city of Gelene shows itself to the world as a polyvalent archaeological center of Sicilian culture. In the territory of Gela fall many archaeological areas, among the main: Capo Soprano, where there are remains of fortifications; the Timoleontee Walls, dating back to the 4th century B.C.; the remains of the Hellenistic Baths, with about forty well-preserved tanks and the Acropolis area, consisting of the remains of houses, shops and walls of the ancient and flourishing Hellenic polis.

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