Province of Enna

Located in the "heart of Sicily", the province of Enna extends along the mountain range of Sicily and is lost up to the plateau of the Valle di Dittaino. The Enna territory is the only Sicilian province not to be confined with the sea, but compensates for this lack with the presence of numerous rivers and natural waterways that run through all the municipalities of the province. The Enna territory borders to the north with the province of Messina, to the west with the territories of Palermo and Caltanissetta and to the south-east with the province of Catania. Comprising a total of 20 municipalities and among the main places appreciated by tourists and travelers there are certainly Enna, the provincial capital, Piazza Armerina, where the "Villa Romana del Casale" is conserved (among the best preserved Roman country residences in the world ) and Morgantina, vital center of the Hellenistic age and in which the famous ancient theater is kept (the only example of the Greek theater of Sicily not dug in the rock but built mainly in high). The medieval villages of Aidone and Leonforte are characteristic and evocative.

How to get there and move around in the province of Enna


The province of Enna is not served by its own airport. To reach the Enna territory it is therefore necessary to land, alternatively, at the Falcone e Borsellino International Airport of Palermo-Punta Raisi (about 180 km) or at the Catania-based "Vincenzo Bellini" of Catania Fontanarossa (about 100 km). Both airports are connected with national and international routes with major Italian cities and cities in Europe such as London, Paris and Brussels. From the airport of Palermo and Catania it takes about 2 hours by car to reach the towns of the province of Enna.

Roads and motorways

The province of Enna for the particular position in which it is located is not directly crossed by major highway sections. To reach the territory of Enna from the province of Palermo and Catania it is necessary to take the A19 (without toll), exit at Enna and then proceed along the state road to the desired destination.

Trains and stations

The territory of Enna is directly connected to the train stations of Palermo, Catania, Agrigento and Caltanissetta. From the central station of Enna (about 5 km from the city center) you can also reach some locations in the province such as the city of Piazza Armerina, Leonforte and Villarosa. For information and reservations, please consult the Trenitalia website.

Cities and places of greatest interest in the province of Enna

Beyond the city of Enna, the "tallest" capital of the province of Italy, Piazza Armerina is an undisputed destination for lovers of hill tourism and good food in Sicily. Also worth visiting is Nicosia, Sicilian place of residence on the voyage of Charles V in Italy, Regalbuto, the first Italian city to rebel against the "Great War" in 1917 and Sperlinga, from the Latin Spelunca, for the numerous primitive caves existing in the area.

The wonders of the province of Enna: La Villa Romana del Casale

Among the largest and most majestic country residences of the late Roman period, the Villa del Casale is perhaps the Roman building reached us in the best state of conservation. Renowned for its splendid colored mosaic floors, which adorn the numerous rooms of the palace from every corner, the Villa Romana del Casale is considered one of the most important Roman monuments in the world. The Villa, located in a green area at the foot of Mount Mangone, includes four large buildings distributed over four levels and gathered in a central complex that harmoniously follows the slope of the hill. The mosaics present in the Villa and which mainly represent heroic deeds and divinities of the era, follow stylistically and for many traits the works of Tunisian and Algerian origin of the period around 300 AD.The Roman Villa falls in the Municipality of Piazza Armerina and is easily reachable by car, from the Catania Fontanarossa airport take the A19 motorway, take the Dittaino exit, continue in the direction of Valguarnera until reaching the municipality of Piazza Armerina; from the Palermo Punta Raisi and Trapani-Birgi airports, proceed on the A19 motorway, take the Enna exit, continue in the direction of Pergusa up to Piazza Armerina; from Gela, instead, proceed on the 117 bis national road until Piazza Armerina. From the town of Piazza Armerina there is a shuttle connection (fee) to the Villa del Casale.

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