Ancient Greek settlement, the city of Milazzo (Myle) in the province of Messina, overlooking the Tyrrhenian just in front of the "Seven Sisters", the glorious and archipelago of the Aeolian Islands. Located in a strategic position and well connected to the main places of the island, in particular Messina (40 km), the city of Milazzo has always been at the center of cultural, commercial and of important war conflicts: the Punic Wars and the landing of the Thousand are just some of the most important events that have involved the citizens of Milazzo throughout history. Is the emblem of the city of Milazzo indelibly preserves the sign of the battles of the past: the castle of Milazzo is, in fact, the most important monument of the city and was the scene of a clash bloody before the definitive conquest by Garibaldi in 1860. Today, however, the city of Milazzo is one of the main centers of commerce and tourist exchange of the island. Milazzo is also the main hub for reaching the Aeolian Islands Archipelago.

Gulf of Milazzo - Milazzo (Province of Messina, Sicily)

Gulf of Milazzo - Milazzo (Province of Messina, Sicily) (Source: Luca Volpi - CC BY SA 2.0)

How to reach Milazzo

The municipality of Milazzo is about 150 km from the airport "Vincenzo Bellini" of Catania-Fontanarossa, which offers national and international connections with daily frequency is with low-cost airline companies.

By plane

The town of Milazzo is about 230 km from the airport "Falcone e Borsellino" of Palermo-Punta Raisi and about 140 km from the airport "Vincenzo Bellini" of Catania Fontanarossa, which offers national and international connections with daily frequency with both airline companies that low-cost. For more information see the pages Catania Airport from/to Milazzo e Palermo Airport from/to Milazzo.

By car

The municipality of Milazzo is located in a strategic place and well connected to the main towns of eastern Sicily, in particular Messina and Catania. From Messina the municipality of Milazzo it is about 40 km and a journey time of about 60 minutes is foreseen. The shortest route is via the A20 motorway towards Palermo (with toll), exit Milazzo. From Catania the city of Milazzo it is about 140 km and it takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach it. The recommended route is via the A18 Catania-Messina motorway (with toll), continue on the junction with the A20 motorway that from Messina leads to Palermo, exit at Milazzo (with toll).

By train

From the central stations of Catania and Messina it is possible to reach the Milazzo stop (just over 2 hours from Catania and about 1 hour from Messina). Arriving at the Milazzo station, To reach the city center, take a bus from the urban transport company or a private transfer service from the portal.

By ship or ferry

Reaching the town of Milazzo by ferry is a recommended choice at any time of the year. The port of Milazzo is in fact connected directly with the main maritime cities of Sicily and the rest of Italy. There are numerous companies that make the connection service with Milazzo: Siremar , General Italian Navigation , Liberty Lines .

Famous men "Milazzesi": Luigi Rizzo, the commander of Italy.

Every year on June 10th the Italian Navy dresses up and celebrates its own army. June 10th is not a date like the others. On the same day of 1918, in the waters of Premuda in the Adriatic Sea an Italian navy led by the "milazzese" Luigi Rizzo (1887-1951), sank the legendary Austrian army "Santo Stefano" inflicting a decisive blow during the first world war conflict. The admirable enterprise yielded the second Gold Medal to the valiant Sicilian commander; the first, in fact, had obtained it in 1917, sinking into the impenetrable port of Trieste the Austrian battleship "Vienna".

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