Bagheria, a Sicilian town in the northern part of the island, is just 20 km from the capital and stretches from the Gulf of Palermo to Termini Imerese. From the Arabic "Bacar", Bagheria is today a tourist city famous for its beaches, its fine gastronomy and the art it preserves in its historical center. In the heart historian of "Baarìa" (title of the famous Giuseppe Tornatore's movie), in fact arise wonderful villas sung by poets of every age, like the famous Giovanni Meli and by travelers of the past as Goethe. Bagheria owns and preserves some of the most beautiful and luxurious villas of the Sicilian eighteenth century, among them: Villa Butera, Trabia, Valguarnera, Villarosa; and above all, Villa Palagonia, better known as "villa dei mostri" for the 62 monstrous figures installed outside the building and devised by the whimsical fantasy of Prince Ferdinando Francesco Gravina di Palagonia. But the city of Bagheria is also appreciated by lovers of the sea and beaches. From the municipality of Bagheria you can reach the main attractions of the Palermo area, the coast of Capo Zafferano and the enchanting "beach of the Francesi".

How to reach Bagheria

By plane

The municipality of Bagheria is about 50 km from the "Falcone e Borsellino" airport of Palermo-Punta Raisi. From Palermo airport to Bagheria, by car, you can reach Bagheria booking a transfer service that will pick you up at the arrivals and leave you at the address you want, on our portal you will find the best drivers in the area. By bus, from Palermo airport there are no direct connections with the city of Bagheria. For these reasons the fastest and most comfortable route remains the service of rental with driver (NCC) or Taxi. Alternatively, from the airport you must first reach the central bus station (Piazza Balsamo) and then continue to Bagheria. by train or bus. To reach the central station from the airport in Palermo an alternative to the transfer with driver is the company's shuttle service. Prestia and Commandè from the arrivals terminal exit.

By car

The municipality of Bagheria runs along the A29 motorway and is therefore easily reachable from the city of Palermo (just 30 km). Greater, however, the distance with the cities of Catania and Messina for which it is necessary to cover more than 200 km. To reach Bagheria from Catania, take the A19 motorway (no toll), towards Palermo, Bagheria exit. From Messina, the city of Bagheria is 210 km along the A20 motorway (with toll) towards Palermo. From the municipality of Palermo (the shortest way), to reach the city of Bagheria is along the A29 motorway towards Messina (no toll), exit Bagheria. Alternatively, from the port of Palermo from via Foro Italico you reach the state road (SS 113) that leads to the city of Bagheria passing through some seaside resorts such as Aspra and Santa Flavia, which fall into the territory of Bagheria.

By ship or ferry

The city of Bagheria has a small port and therefore it is not allowed to dock large ships and / or ferries. To reach the town of Bagheria by sea is therefore it is necessary to disembark in the ports of Palermo (about 25 km) or of Termini Imerese (about 30 km). The fastest (and recommended) destination to reach the city of Bagheria from the rest of Italy remains the port of Palermo, which is directly connected to the cities of Cagliari, Genoa, Naples, Salerno, Livorno, Civitavecchia and Tunis. Among the companies that make service: Tirrenia, Grandi Navi Veloci, Grimaldi Lines and Liberty Lines.

By train

From the central train station (Piazza Giulio Cesare), the Palermo-Bagheria line is served by Trenitalia. Travel time it varies from 40 to 60 minutes and the train ticket can be purchased online. To find timetables, seasonal promotions and daily trips it is advisable to visit the site of rail transport service.

Not to be missed in Bagheria

The city of Bagheria, with its marvelous villas, hosts the famous home of Don Ferdinando Gravina, prince of Palagonia. Erected in 1715, Villa Palagonia is one of the greatest examples of the majesty, splendor and originality of the Sicilian eighteenth century. The Villa, in fact, is known above all for the human and sinister footprints, carved in the walls exteriors of the building: in fact there are as many as 62 monstrous figures wanted by the owner of the house, the prince of Villa Palagonia, who from that moment also took the name of "Necromancer": horrible animals, anthropomorphic figures, musicians with goat-like appearance, dwarfs and deformed bodies, snakes with many heads and gnomes, are just some of the figures imprinted between the outer walls of the villa. But Villa Palagonia also enchants and fascinates inside. Among the corridors of the villa we arrive in fact in the splendid "Hall of mirrors" (which resumes the most famous present at the Palazzo Valguarnera-Gangi, set of the film "the Gattopardo"), which enchants for its spaciousness and for the rooms finely decorated with beautiful mosaics and rabeschi di mother of pearl that from the walls reach up to the ceiling. Villa Palagonia is located right in the center of the city of Bagheria between Corso Umberto I and Piazza Garibaldi.