The whitest beach in Sicily

Cefalù, "wonder" of Sicily, is the undisputed queen of cultural tourism, gastronomy and bathing in the province of Palermo and not only (we are 80 km from the capital). From the characteristic shape, similar to a giant skull, the Greeks drew the name of Kefaludion, which was soon transformed into today's Cefalù. Among the "pearls of the Mediterranean" and from 2015 also heritage of humanity with the Arab-Norman route that crosses it in the streets of the medieval center, the city of Cefalù is a destination recommended for lovers of the sea, nature and ancient history of Island. There are numerous historical and artistic beauties preserved in the municipality that you can admire on foot or with transfers authorized to travel the streets of the center (restricted area). Among the historical beauties of the Arab-Norman village we find the Dome, wanted by King Roger II, majestic jewel that stands in the homonymous square, but also the museum "Mandralisca", another authentic wonder of Cefalù. Also recommended is the visit to the Sanctuary of Gibilmanna (15 km from Cefalù), one of the main Marian places of worship in Sicily. But Cefalù enchants above all for the sea and its coasts. From the narrow streets of the historic center of Cefalù, the "Giuseppe Giardina" promenade with its fine sand stretches for over 3 km towards Messina and is definitely the main attraction for visitors to Cefalù. Among the stretches of coast also recommended the beach of "Salinelle", the coast of "Mazzaforno" and that of "Capo Playa".

Il centro - Cefalù

Il centro - Cefalù (Source: gheeke - CC BY SA 2.0)

How to reach Cefalù

By plane

See our page Palermo Airport from/to Cefalù.

By car

The town of Cefalù is located in a strategic place and well connected to the main Sicilian locations: Palermo, Catania, Messina and Trapani. From Palermo, the town of Cefalù is just 80 km away and it takes about 60 minutes to reach it. The shortest route that connects the two cities is the A20 motorway in the directionof Messina, with toll starting from the "Casello Buonfornello". The motorway section is very pleasant as it runs along the northern coast of the island. From Catania, the "Norman jewel" of Cefalù is about 180 km away and it takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes to reach it. The shortest route connecting the two Sicilian cities is the A19 motorway (towards Palermo). Continue until the junction with the A20 motorway (towards Messina). Cefalù exit (with toll). From Messina, the town of Cefalù is about 175 km and a journey time of about 2 hours is foreseen. The shortest route passes through the A20 motorway towards Palermo (with toll), Cefalù exit. From Trapani it is possible to reach the city of Cefalù by car on the A20 motorway. The distance between the two locations is about 180 km. The shortest route connects the city of Trapani with Palermo via the A29 motorway (no toll). Continue to "Viale della Regione Siciliana" in Palermo until the entrance for the A20 motorway (direction Messina), Cefalù exit (with toll).

By ship or ferry

The city of Cefalù does not have a port that allows the direct docking of large ships and / or ferries. To reach the town of Cefalù "by sea" it is necessary to disembark in the ports of Palermo (about 70 km) or of Termini Imerese (45 km). In any case, the fastest (and recommended) destination to reach the city of Cefalù from the rest of Italy remains the port of Palermo, which is directly connected to the cities of Cagliari, Genoa, Naples, Salerno, Livorno, Civitavecchia and Tunis. Among the companies that perform the service: Tirrenia, Grandi Navi Veloci, Grimaldi Lines and Liberty Lines.

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Park in Cefalù

For motorists on the move with direction Cefalù it is good to know that the whole area of ​​the medieval historical center falls within the restricted traffic area, guarded by active cameras that control the entrance gates. Access to the limited traffic zone is NOT allowed at any time of day or night, not even to reach hotels, b&b and holiday homes with regular booking and luggage. For these reasons, it is advisable to park the car outside the ZTL (recommended free public parking near the Port of "Presidiana"), and use a paid transfer service (authorized access to the restricted area), which will lead you directly to your accommodation.

Move to Cefalù

On foot, by bike, by scooter or through the public transport service are definitely the best choices for a tour in the enchanting Norman town. Getting around Cefalù is very simple: the city is rather small and flat and allows you to move easily on foot through the streets of the center. The historical center of the heritage of humanity falls entirely within the "off limits" area for cars: only authorized vehicles and public transport vehicles can circulate. For these reasons, in the historic center there is a public transport service with shuttles. Getting lost in the streets of the historic center (Arab-Norman route), is a unique and recommended experience: from every corner, in fact, the city of Cefalù will give the visitor unique views and delightful coastal landscapes. For lovers of two-wheels, however, recommended the city tour by bike. Many services are available for renting bicycles and scooters in the historic center and on the "Giardina" promenade.

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