Province of Syracuse

The cradle of the Baroque

The province of Syracuse is among the Sicilian areas most appreciated by tourists and travelers who want to spend days full of sea, nature and history Sicily: the province of Syracuse is in fact the undisputed destination of Greek-Roman archeology of the island. Together with the well-known settlement of "Suraka" (ancient Syracuse), the province is enriched from the localities of "Pantalica", exceptional testimony of the Bronze Age; Noto, the capital of Sicilian Baroque and the municipality of Palazzolo Acreide, the ancient Akrai, the first founded colony from the Syracusans in 664 A.C. The territory of the province of Syracuse includes a total of 21 municipalities, among which stand out the cities of Augusta, known for the large port that can contain up to an entire naval fleet; Avola, famous in Italy and in the world for the precious wine that is produced in these lands; Lentini, the ancient Greek colony founded in the VIII century A.C. is Pachino, a city also known for the famous DOC tomato. The province of Syracuse borders to the north with the territory of Catania to the west with the province of Ragusa and to the south-east is washed by the Ionian Sea.

Fountain of Diana - Syracuse

Fountain of Diana - Syracuse (Source: Andrea Schaffer - CC BY 2.0)

How to get there and move around in the province of Syracuse


To reach the province of Syracuse by sea it is recommended to disembark in the ports of Catania, Augusta (Siracusa) and Pozzallo (Ragusa). From the port of Catania, which is about 70 km from the territory of Syracuse (the recommended route), there are scheduled trips with fast ships and hydrofoils that connect the Sicilian town with the rest of Italy. From the Catania port, in fact, they come regularly ferry ships to Naples, Livorno, Cagliari, Civitavecchia, Genoa and Tunis and also the main cruise ships that go around the Mediterranean.


The province of Syracuse is not served by its own airport. To reach the Syracusan territory it is therefore advisable to land at the airport Vincenzo Bellini di Catania Fontanarossa, which is about 45 minutes drive from the capital of Syracuse. The airport of Fontanarossa is connected with national and international routes to the main Italian cities and European ones like London, Paris and Brussels.

Roads and motorways

The province of Syracuse is connected to the rest of the Sicilian territory by a dense network of roads and highways. The main motorway links are the NSA 339 Catania-Syracuse (with toll), which connects the municipalities of Syracuse with the province of Catania and the A18 motorway (Siracusa-Gela), which connects the municipalities of Avola, Noto, Rosolini, Pachino and Portopalo di Capo Passero (the southernmost city in Italy).

Trains and stations

The territory of Syracuse is connected directly to the central station of Catania, which is about 1 hour and 15 minutes from Syracuse. Reached the capital of Catania is possible easily reach the main towns of the island with fast regional routes. For information and reservations, please consult the Trenitalia website.

Cities and places of major interest in the province of Syracuse

Beyond the city of Syracuse, capital of the homonymous province and undisputed destination for lovers of tourism and the "fine arts", surely visit the island of Ortigia, the Archaeological Park of Neapolis (in the archaeological area of Syracuse), Augusta (home of the important military and commercial port), Palazzolo Acreide, Noto, Marzamemi (fishing village among the most characteristic of the island), Porto Palo and the Vendicari reserve.

Beauties in the province of Syracuse: Marzamemi and Portopalo di Capo Passero

The fishing village of Marzamemi, near Capo Passero, is a small fishing community whose name derives from the Arabic "Marsà al hamem", that is "Baia delle Tortore", because in these areas each year birds fly during migrations. Marzamemi was born around its own port, which has become over time the main port of the fishermen and local business activities. Among the fish products that are packaged in Marzamemi the red tuna roe, obtained with ancient drying systems and that come directly from the Arab-Phoenician culture. But not just food at Marzamemi. Beautiful beach and the sea of ​​the village, which now counts also many tourist and accommodation facilities that offer landings also equipped for pleasure boats. A short distance from Marzamemi, definitely worth a visit, the resort par excellence of vacationers and tourists in the province of Syracuse: the village of Portopalo di Capo Passero. Known and appreciated by lovers of water sports due to the wind that blows throughout the year, from the beach of Portopalo it is possible you can also swim to the marvelous Isola delle Correnti, where the Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean meet for a unique natural spectacle of its kind.

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